View Full Version : HUGE Mistake :(

03-21-16, 06:43 AM
Hi all,

I bought 75 gems with my money because I wanted to buy the fryer and learn the donut but by accident I bought the appliance with the caramel and grenache :( I can't sell it to get my gems back and buy the right appliance so I sent an email to Storm8.

Is this ever happen to anyone here? Did you get all your gem back so you can buy the right thing instead?

I would be very mad if they don't refund me since I bought it with my money.

Thanks all!

03-21-16, 06:54 AM
So sorry that you bought the wrong appliance by mistake.

Please continue to follow up with your ticket number and email with Support. Thanks.

Kindly refrain from discussing support issues (http://forums.storm8.com./showthread.php?15033-Do-not-post-Support-emails-or-private-communications-in-the-forum). Closed thread.