View Full Version : No sound effects, no theme music, no numbers called

03-19-16, 11:15 AM
Your Support ID and/or Storm8 ID : chloebabybaby
Your device type : Sony z5 premium
Your device OS : android 6.0

Step-by-step list of what happened before the bug occurred :
Two days ago, Bingo only plays theme music at the beginning. When I switch between different rooms, no music as I reach room 4 or higher suddenly. When I start a game, no music, no sounds as you daub a number, and no calling of the numbers.

I keep trying close and open the game, problem is still here. I have also deleted the game, and reinstalled, problem is same as before.

Please help. T_T
Thanks so much~

03-21-16, 01:32 PM
Sorry to hear that! Which version of Bingo are you playing? Additionally, could you try going into a game and then tap on Settings and toggle the sound off and on? Please let us know if that helps!