View Full Version : EATING SPEED, just too darn slow!

03-14-16, 01:58 PM
Why are the people eating so slowly?

My pile of Coconut Vanilla Latte is only going UP and not down. I mean I am only makin 735 at the time and I am now up to 88,075 servings.

88,075 x 5 coins = $440,375

That is not counting all the other counters I have piles with food and money. I really need the money but it's painfully slow to make people eat the food!!!!

I play Restaurant 2 which is from the same company and I can have a ton of food on my counters and in the morning they are all empty. But in this game it's like they are not making a dent in it. I think I could stop playing for a week and I would still have food on there.

I think we should be able to get a SPECIAL COUNTER where we could put food on there to SELL FIRST. Where we could put our recipe worth the most coins and they would be sold first, once it's empty then the other food would go. It would be cool to have a for sale counter. I mean it's my bakery and I want to sell some items faster... lol Just an idea!

Or make people EAT FASTER, I mean they take 5 minutes to eat a cookie!

03-15-16, 01:13 AM
they take 1m15s to eat a cookie.
it doesn't change anything.
they enter at rate 16/17 per minute, so you can sell upto 24'000 plates per day, no matter how long will they eat.
if you want your money fast - stop baking for couple of days.

03-15-16, 07:01 AM
That's a good idea Vanacatu. Maybe I'll do that just to sell out all my food, to get rid of the lower coins recipes and re-pile up the higher coins ones. Thanks! :D