View Full Version : Please make all new appliances "Easy"!

03-12-16, 09:42 AM
"Easy" ovens and "Easy" stoves require many less taps than other appliances. We pay a premium for them. But we ALSO pay a premium for all new appliances - those offered during updates and goals. Why not make those appliances "easy" too? Surely it would be a simple thing to achieve. So much less tap, tap, tapping! So much easier on the wrist!

Please, have a care for all of your customers who have tendinitis- and those who are in danger of acquiring it from all this tapping. Seriously, it's no joke. Make all new appliances "easy"!

Thank you so much.

07-07-16, 05:26 PM
I agree with this suggestion. An easy stove/grill/oven costs $10,000. Other appliances cost a lot more e.g. $80,000 lemonade machine that requires 5 taps to prepare a recipe versus 3 taps for the easy appliances. More expensive appliances should require less work.