View Full Version : Hungry babies gem missing!!!

03-11-16, 12:01 AM
I installed the hungry babies and in the bakery it told me congrats and said I got 14 gems for doing it. gOt all excited since I had 64 gems and I would now have enough to get a 2nd very needed mixer. Then when I went to buy it it said I only had 64 gems. hOw come I didn't get the 14 gems??? not fair!!! pLease give me my gems I really need a 2nd mixer mine is always on fire.

nEver mind.... cLosed and reopened and would show me the 14 gems and then they would just vanish again. i cooked somethingnew those 30 sec cookies and it finally worked.

03-11-16, 05:27 AM
Glad you found your gems! And congrats on your new mixer too. :D

Closing thread since issue is resolved.