View Full Version : Recieving no gems, mits and cant delete orders

03-10-16, 11:26 PM
I recieved no gems for installing and leveling the games cupcake mania and solitaire while in fantasy story this worked. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but lost the notice of the events completely. This means I lost 2x 14 and 4x 7 gems that would have helped me buying an extra device.
Then I noticed that uninstalling the game resulted in not recieving neighbour requests and not being able to send requests either. I tried to reconnect but still cant recieve and send half of my neighbor requests. I have now one working neighbor, a friend who wanted to try reconnecting fb for me.
Then we got orders from the secret bakery but i still cant delete the first order.
Lastly yesterday the new st patricks event started. I got 6 st Patrick s recipes and the time was going up and down every time i logged in wich made it impossible to see if i could make it in time. I didnt have enough mits to speed up the process and because i am not getting any gems anymore i didnt want to spend them either so i lcouldnt finish it. I really hope u can help me because i dont want to quit the game.

03-11-16, 05:07 PM
Sorry to hear that! Please write into support@storm8.com and one of our agents will assist you.