View Full Version : Chocolatier's Goals Issue

03-03-16, 01:29 PM
I'm almost done with the goals. I have to make 3 fancy chocolates, 3 chocolate cupcakes, and 3 pot de creme. I have made 2 of each so far. I just finished baking 3 of each, and it didn't count it towards the goal. it's still showing 2/3 for each. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and that didn't work. So now what?

kooky panda
03-03-16, 01:52 PM
On this goal, you will need to master each one to gold level before the goal will complete. Check the goal thread, I think someone posted how many times you need to cook to master each one.

03-03-16, 01:54 PM
Oh you are right, it does read "master" for each recipe. I thought I just had to make 3 of each, I read it wrong.

kooky panda
03-03-16, 01:56 PM
I did the same thing! LOL..

Here is the thread that shows # of times per recipe