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03-03-16, 11:54 AM
I have been waiting over a week for help from Storm8 regarding my account not getting the 20 gems for connecting to Facebook. I'm not trying to be difficult but I can't complete my chocolate goals now. I needed that to expand my pantry. I have been trying to get into Bakery 2 but the lack of pantry size in the beginning is really hard to get around. I'm at 40/40 now and as of right now I can't bake a single thing without getting rid of all my "thank you notes". I guess I'm just used to playing the orginals. Does anybody have any tips or anything for me? I'm along time player of all the story games just not really into this one with the way you have to send out orders to recieve parts to expand anything. Plus you're not garurenterd a specific part so you could have 10 of something and 0 of something else. It's almost like the collections in BS and RS. I've been playing over three years in Bakery and I still haven't turned in one collection of the flowers from buying wallpaper.

03-03-16, 11:00 PM
i don't know wht to say coz i don't really think it is possible to manage with timed goals being lower level...

when first timed goals came, i was level 21. my pantry was 90. i had one mixer. and i didn't have facebook connection for quick serves.

i didn't finished those goals. but it's not like in regular bs, so i'm not sticky to final prize.

we understood then that goals are good source of higher coins dishes. and that the final reward doesn't really worth spending gems on it (if you don't have a practice to buy gems i mean): in any case territory expansions are so high priced here that we don't have place to put those rewards except in storage, lol )))

but it's not like collections in regular bs, you can be sure! :)
it rather like... for example, being level 15 in bs and being able to build only 1 of each goal appliances... then you wd need whole time of 34 days to complete the goals. it's about the level. while you'll be moving on, you'll see that some things become much easier, and other things that are not so big deal on lower levels - become harder.

don't give up! :) try this: http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?88615-BAKERY-STORY-2-Planning-amp-Strategies-to-EARN-COINS
maybe it will help you to move on :)

03-07-16, 11:12 AM
Thanks for the response! I guess I haven't been a low level in any of these games for so long I forgot it's challenging at first! Lol but thanks.

03-07-16, 11:42 AM
This game requires a lot more strategy than bs1. LonePudding and VanaCatu have wonderful guides in the guides section, but you will have to find your own playstyle as well. Do not beat yourself up for not finishing the goals because these goals are often extremely hard to complete. Take advantage of the full time, but don't push yourself too hard to complete them. You might want to submit another ticket since it has been awhile, but I have never gotten a successful reply from support so I don't know. :/