View Full Version : I don't have received habitat boost

02-25-16, 02:43 AM
Hi, thank you for the attention. Today I have finished the goal 'Blue Dawn', it appeared the screen of goal completed + coin + experience, but I don't have received the "fountain" that I can see in the forest of my friends. I need to do something that I don't know? Please help me. (I have close the game 3 times)
Thank you so much
My forest is Poiuyt

kooky panda
02-25-16, 08:31 AM
Once you complete the goal, it will unlock the boost building in your market to purchase with coins.


02-25-16, 10:59 AM
Thank you Kooky! Now it appeared in the market :)
Have a good day!

kooky panda
02-25-16, 11:22 AM
You are welcome! Have fun!!:)