View Full Version : Game essentially over after level 16

02-19-16, 02:01 PM
I have now expanded everywhere except the four squares that require level 99. For all practical purposes, the game is now over. That is a tad disappointing...

What are the plans for the game? Will it expand any time soon? It's sort of silly to not even be able to reach the Eiffel tower.

03-03-16, 09:53 PM
Is the game out in America yet ?

kooky panda
03-04-16, 08:34 AM
This game is still under a limited release at this time. It has not been released in the US yet.

I am sure once the game gets fully released there will be more updates and levels added.

03-14-16, 02:30 PM
And how long will it take until the full release? Days, weeks, months? :confused:

kooky panda
03-14-16, 02:54 PM
No release date has been announced yet. Sorry!

05-28-16, 11:15 PM
Game ends after reaching de river. Can't not expand further. Level 99 needed. That's impossible. Fix this TL, Storm8. We dont have the space for more buildings, to reach level 99 we need to expand first. Please fix this. It will help us a lot.

06-13-16, 09:13 AM
I totally agree. I somehow managed to get to level 24, but now I'm completely stuck. Inventory's full (200) with 5 star businesses and houses and I have nowhere left to expand my city.

Dream City has turned into a nightmare...

06-16-16, 02:33 AM
I've reached level 21. When I read all comments in this thread, there's only one conclusion for me: time to quit the game.
Promissing game, but I doubt if the gameplay will ever be expanded: not enough possibilities for the developer to make money with this game

06-22-16, 01:10 AM
Im on lvl 26 now, but after the latest update (yesterday i think) it will be impossible to reach the next lvl: there is no room anymore for star buildings or citizens and suddenly i need many more of those (didnt need them before the update)
So...if you dont add expansions REALLY SOON ill be forced to quit playing too, just because of lack of space

07-26-16, 03:09 PM
Any updates on this yet? I'd like to know it's progressing?

07-26-16, 03:11 PM
I notice it's gone world wide now according to the Storm 8 website news page.

But have any of you been able to progress any further yet?

08-12-16, 10:54 PM
I notice it's gone world wide now according to the Storm 8 website news page.

But have any of you been able to progress any further yet?

No, reached level 26 and thats it. Storage is full with parts to expand.

08-21-16, 08:07 AM
More expansions are now available in latest version. See City Brooke Bridge (new expansions, buildings, points of interest) - Aug 15, 2016 (http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.php?93544-City-Brooke-Bridge-(new-expansions-buildings-points-of-interest)-Aug-15-2016).

Closing since this thread was started before the full release of the game.