View Full Version : Unavailabe chairs?

02-19-16, 11:49 AM
Once in while customers come in and the little bubble over their heads show there are no available chairs so they leave. The problem is that this happens even when there are available seats. This has happened a couple of times, even when I'm looking at more than 10 available seats. Nothing is blocking the path to get to those seats, because a minute later other customers come and occupy them. The chairs/tables are all accessible. So is this a bug or just the way the game is suppose to be?

02-19-16, 12:07 PM
Could it be that the seats are already "assigned" to other customers who came in before so are considered taken already?

02-19-16, 01:09 PM
I thought so too, but no. I made sure to see who was sitting, leaving, walking towards seats (assigned seat), and who was barely walking in the door. Maybe you're right and I missed something. I'll have to see if/when it happens again.

02-19-16, 02:52 PM
I hope that's what it is because it would be really silly for the fellow to turn away patrons when there are perfectly good seats available. You may need to fire him if he does it again! :p