View Full Version : Chinese New Year Level 11

02-14-16, 04:09 PM
I am far away from clearing this level. When I have finished my moves I always have about 15 babies left!!!

Does anybody know how to clear this level?

02-17-16, 10:26 AM
I wish I could help, I'm still stuck on level 10. How did you manage to beat it?

02-18-16, 12:48 PM
Once I was near to succeed, so I did buy some more moves, but it didn't work, but still I felt I was close to clear the level, so I buyed again more moves, but it didn't work once more. Really pissed I buyed more moves one more time and I cleared the level. So I have no f*** idea how to clear this level. I only know that I won't buy so many moves again. The special levels really suck.