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02-14-16, 01:13 AM
I cannot believe how difficult it is to get something. For example: bake creme brulee, which is in all 3 to-go orders by the way.
first l have to open the exotic bazaar for 600000. then l have to wait for 3 hours before it actually opens. then l have to buy the vanilla for another 100000, and then... l can only learn to make the creme brulee for another 200000!
and what about the valentine contest? you need hearts from Quincy but he doesn't show up enough times to actually bake everything in the given time!
am l the only one with these frustrations? or am l missing something here?
last thing, l cannot connect with my sister through facebook, although she plays it too...

02-14-16, 05:17 AM
check this out:

there are all things helped me (so far).

and i've managed to finish with quincy yesterday.
so now i'm just baking those heart cookies for fun.

02-14-16, 07:14 AM
If a to go order has an item in it that you have not unlocked, you can get a new one by selecting the refresh button next to the big purple button that lets you finish instantly for 23 gems. It looks like a circle made of arrows.

Disconnect from Facebook then reconnect and you should be able to find your sister.

I have no advice for Quincy, I only make 6 - 8 coin plates so I delete the hearts. I wish he would go away.

02-14-16, 07:38 AM
Quincy shows up every hour. Is he not appearing in your bakery?

02-14-16, 12:51 PM
Closing as questions asked in other threads as well. As a quick summary:

* Quincey pops in every hour. Are you playing the valentine edition app?
* With FB, go into your setting in the game and reconnect FB if you have added each other. You can only send requests once a day. Could just be a timing thing.