View Full Version : Not getting decoration offer from game downloads

02-12-16, 10:48 PM
:mad: I'm getting the pop ups to download,bakery story 2 etc...it shows,1 of 2...I'm assuming I'll get the decoration that's being offered with everyone else's game and NOTHING! I get the same pop up in my baby acct's w/the decor pictured so I'm not going to believe that this is a random offer....BULL! It's like my main acct has stopped getting any offers:( I know several player's that has gotten the decorations, Why is my acct not getting anything but just the very small gold reward? If it shows,1 of 2,then give me the decoration that's offered to EVERYONE too.

kooky panda
02-13-16, 02:56 PM
Rewards may be different for different players.
To make sure your game did not have any issues, please send an email to support@storm8.com.