View Full Version : All my upgrade items taken away

02-09-16, 02:02 PM
Been playing all morning. Downloaded the Jewel Mania offer, played came back, collected food, reward popped up, served a dish for the reward, made more food, collected and cleared out my store, upgraded my store from 4 to 5 items using gems for last two items needed, checked other upgrades and found I could do the same for my dry goods store so made a bunch of food to get pantry down then collected all the food to clear dry goods store, upgraded using gems to for the two missing items, made more food then the reward pop up for Jewel Mania popped up with no gems showing, my screen blipped and reverted my Dry Goods Store back to 3 and took ALL the upgrade items!!! It had nothing to do with a sync issue because I had been in the game for quite awhile and did a zillion things.

I want either my upgrade back or all my supplies back so I can upgrade again.

kooky panda
02-09-16, 02:09 PM
I am sorry this happened!
Please send an email to support@storm8.com for assistance.