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02-09-16, 06:48 AM
I play a lot of the Storm 8 games and you earn gems or other awards by watching videos. And for awhile Candy Mania allowed you to do just the same by watching videos to earn gems and it's not been available for over 2 weeks. Is this gone permanently? Is there a specific version I should have to be able to earn those again? Thanks for any help😊

02-09-16, 10:33 AM
I think this feature was replaced by the silly Taffy Tickets thing. Now you can earn a spin by watching a video, and some of the prizes for the spin are gems. Or you can skip the spin (hit the X in the upper right corner), and earn 20 Taffy Tickets by watching a video.

I opt for the 20 tickets because it gets me closer to the 4th and 5th prizes, which include gems. Once I have the 5th prize, I'll use the videos to get spins and hope for gems.

However, I'd rather just earn the gems straight away for watching videos. Also, I think they offer fewer videos than they once did. I think there used to be 10 videos a day and now think think there are only 5 or 6.

kooky panda
02-09-16, 11:54 AM
Rewards for the Video feature may change.

If you had the video feature and now the icon is missing and you no longer have the feature, please send an email to support@storm8.com for assistance.