View Full Version : Valentine Cat Prize

02-08-16, 10:28 PM
I just finished the Valentines goals and received the final prize. The cat is very cute, but appears pixelated and seemingly out of focus. It does not appear of the same quality as the other decor. Just pointing this out in case the team is not aware.

02-09-16, 06:55 AM
Thanks for your feedback. I have updated the team.

02-12-16, 05:42 PM
Looking at the cat today I realized that it looks better... am I hallucinating or did they fix it? Either way, the cat looks great! Maybe its just the new version.

02-12-16, 11:50 PM
Yep, cat looks much better in the new version of the game! Thank you for fixing it, S8!

02-13-16, 07:40 AM
The cat looks much better and lovelier now. Glad you guys like it! :D