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02-08-16, 07:33 AM
I do plan on sending an email, just seeing if others experience this problem.

I'm playing on Android, haven't downloaded ios version yet until there is a gem goal for it.

Problem is : items I purchase disappear from inventory.

I have had to re-purchase floors the most. This is a HUGE problem because it has not registered me buying limited items.

For instance, the Frosty tiles (pretty blue, my favorite)....i thought I had all I needed, purchased 100 on one phone, 110 on another.

I had to purchase them several different times. Now they are gone from shop and I only have 2!!!
On one phone I have 2, on the othed I think I have more but not close to what I purchased (more than once!)

This happens with non-limited, too. I have repurchased all the regular tiles as well, many times. Very annoying, it's not easy for me to place tiles on this tiny screen. This is definitely an issue that will keep me from playing if not fixed.

Why are my purchases not being saved? They appear saved beford I exit, even when I come back after closing, reopening. I even had the disappearing blue tiles on the floor of my bakery for quite awhile. Now gone. Even the basic tiles.

Anyone else? I really wish they'd bring the blue ones back, so unfair. That was a color I would have kept all year around :(

02-08-16, 07:44 AM
I have this problem too :( It's been around since the beginning of the game :(

02-08-16, 07:46 AM
Sorry to hear that you are having this issue. :( Please send an email to support@storm8.com so an agent can check your game. Thanks for your feedback.