View Full Version : My house, gems, etc are gone.

02-06-16, 09:48 AM
I emailed support about this a couple of weeks ago and still haven't seen a reply. So again, here is the situation :
I played Home Design Story on again, off again, for about two years. It had been a while since I looked in on my house, and when I went into the app last month, it acted like I had never played the game before. My house, furniture, gems, everything - all gone. I spent a good amount of money on gems to buy things in this game, and due to the lack of response, I am now irritated, and I believe rightfully so. If it comes down to it, I will appeal to iTunes to refund any money I spent on in-app purchases, but I'd rather just have my house and all the things I spent time making and arranging back.

My Storm8 ID is kitsunelady, obviously, and the name of my house was Wycliffe House. It was arranged as 2 rows of rooms along the upper right side at a right angle to each other. Each one was decorated in a different color, making a rainbow. In the middle of the yard was a large island with tables, chairs, flowers, the brick oven, and some plants and things. In front of that, in the lower left corner, was a "pond" made of the blue carpet. The rest of the yard had various plants, last I recall, though sometimes I cleared it out to build furniture. My house's level was almost maxed out, if it wasn't already - I never paid attention to the level. I had a fairly long list of "neighbors".

kooky panda
02-06-16, 01:23 PM
Please send me a private message with your support ticket number so I can have someone check into your support request.