View Full Version : Spin to Win #7 - 01/26/2016

01-26-16, 12:48 PM
New 7 Day Spin to Win.

Popup for the Wheel.


The wheel for a Level 50 Player


Animals on the Wheel:
Frostrich - Grand Prize
Chilly Goat - Currently Breedable
Childebeast - Previous Battle Arena Prize
Freezel - Currently Breedable

01-26-16, 12:49 PM

Super Rare
Incubation Time: 16 hours
Evolution Time: 17 hours

Coin Production: Same as Gold Lion
Feeding Cost: Same as Crystal Unicorn


01-26-16, 12:49 PM
Spin #1 - 2 Realm Runes
Spin #2 - 1,500 Apples
Spin #3 - 6,000 Apples
Spin #4 - Sundae Shrub
Spin #5 - 2 Realm Runes
Spin #6 - 75,000 coins
Spin #7 - 75,000 coins

Spin #4 was the first time I have landed in slice 2 on the wheel with a decoration. I now have landed on the slices on either side of the Frostrich which is the only thing on this wheel that I really want. Gems and Runes are always welcome failures though.

I still have never landed on slice 9 with the gems or slice 11 that has an animal, in the 47 spins I have made across all of the wheels. Strange how things work sometimes.

Well, Spin the Wheel #7 was pretty much a bust. Four Realm Rues is what I can typically get from 12 hours of breeding (bombs usually gets me 4 Runes) and I have more coins than I'll be able to use. The 7,500 food is less than 5 hours worth of farming Charm Cherries. Maybe I will get an animal next time at least it doesn't cost me anything to use tge free spins.

01-26-16, 12:50 PM
Very disappointing that two of the prizes are currently breedable animals (and only rare ones at that)!

Nonetheles, good luck everyone!

1. 2 realm runes
2. 2 realm runes (had a hard time getting the wheel to spin)
3. Chilly Goat (already have one and it's breedable)
4. 1500 apples
5. Freezel (had two of these already)
6. 6000 apples :)
7. 2 realm runes

Turns out the Chilly Goat is needed for the Aquarius goal line, so yay after all!! :)

01-26-16, 12:51 PM
Spin #1 - Chilly Goat.
Spin #2 - 6000 food.
Spin #3 - 4500 food.
Spin #4 - 2 Realm Runes.
Spin #5 - 4500 food.
Spin #6 - 1500 food.
Spin #7 - 2 Realm Runes.

01-26-16, 12:55 PM
My first spin is 1500 apples.

I'm not impressed at all with this spin to win. I'm so done with these direst clones of animals instead of nothing new! I have absolutely no room in my forest anymore without expansions. What makes me want to make room for a Ghostrich clone? Needless to say I won't be spending gems on extra spins this time

01-26-16, 12:59 PM
I have never been a fan of spin the win.. Never got anything worthwhile( read animals) ... And if I did they were duplicates of what I already have .
... But here goes on iPad and android .

1. 400 apples and coins ( forget how many ).

01-26-16, 01:00 PM
1. chilly goat (already have it)
2. 4500 apples
3. two realm runes
4. freezel (already have it)
5. weird 'spin' resulted in $75,000. The wheel didn't spin at all, it just jumped and landed.
6. $75,000

1. 1500 apples
2. Frostrich! This is the first time I've won the major prize on a spin to win.
3. $25,000
4. chilly goat (new for me)
5. 1500 apples
6. $25,000

01-26-16, 01:16 PM
I got the Frostrich on the first spin! Really happy with that but I wish they didn't include breed able animals.

01-26-16, 01:18 PM
Again I don't expect to win any animal's just like last time.
I was really hoping for some of last years Valentine's animal's on this wheel.

1st spin coins
2nd coins
3rd 2 Runes Yes better than coins I'd be happy spinning these everyday!
4 Chilldie Beast surprised I got an animal new for me.

01-26-16, 01:53 PM
Spin 1 - 2 runes
Spin 2 - freezel, fail. Already have
Spin 3 - 2 runes
Spin 4 - 25k
Spin 5 - 75 k

01-26-16, 02:39 PM
I would like any of the animals!!!
Spin 1: 6000 apples
Spin 2: 75000 coins
Spin 3: 25000 coins
Spin 4: Freezel. Yaaaaay, I did not have this animal yet.
Spin 5: Freezel again. :)
Spin 6: Frostrich!!!
Spin 7: 2 runes

01-26-16, 06:34 PM
So disappointed with the prizes! :(

01-26-16, 09:34 PM
Every time we get a chance to "spin to win", I have never ever been able to obtain ANY prize! I swipe and it just barely moves and never gives me anything! Anyone had this issue? ? Help plz if u can

01-26-16, 09:52 PM
Every time we get a chance to "spin to win", I have never ever been able to obtain ANY prize! I swipe and it just barely moves and never gives me anything! Anyone had this issue? ? Help plz if u can
I spin it by going clock wise making a circle with my finger.

01-27-16, 10:55 AM
Spin #2 - Sundae Shrub

01-27-16, 11:12 AM
I sure wish there was a way to trade duplicates. I have quite a few now that are sitting in storage. Just got another off this wheel.

01-27-16, 03:31 PM
I sure wish there was a way to trade duplicates. I have quite a few now that are sitting in storage. Just got another off this wheel.

True here's an idea though. I had couple duplicates last world event when I had a free nest I put them on to hatch to collect (silly sweaters) then sold for coins.

01-28-16, 12:42 PM
Spin #3 - 6000 apples

This is actually the second best thing I could hope for on the the wheel behind the Frostrich so I'm not unhappy lol

01-28-16, 07:24 PM
Holy Guacamole Batman!! So the spin has totally been a disappointment AND I have been having internet issues... Barely finished the storybook and only managed 6 rounds in they tourney. I put the rock rhino and lightning leopard in the den and 16 hour tortoise popped up Yeah!!! And I went to spin the wheel--- my internet dropped out. I came back my spin was over, but I checked my storage and I have the frostrich!!! It's my baby account, hopefully I get some luck on my main account now!!

01-29-16, 07:40 PM
1-75,000 coins
So happy with my results so far, was sad when I missed out on Santa Claws :)

01-30-16, 01:45 PM
I just had the weirdest 'spin'! The wheel didn't spin at all, it just jumped onto $75,000 coins and stopped.

01-31-16, 07:43 AM
I got the frostrich... nothing else I really want from the wheel atm.

01-31-16, 08:25 AM
My last two spins were 4500 apples and today I got a Chilly Goat which I needed for the Aquarius goal line so I'm not too upset. Only 1 more try tmr for the Frostrich!

02-01-16, 02:23 AM
On my last spin to win the wheel just kept on turning and turning, then stopped and it was writing try later. When i re-opened my game i didn't get nothing and timer was back on 22 hrs :(

02-01-16, 03:16 AM
No new animals for me this time, but I'm glad I got the Chilly Goat for the Aquarius goal.

02-01-16, 04:10 AM
After some food and coins I got TWO Frostrichs in a row... :0
Then twice some runes.
One more shot tonight and I hope for the goat just because I havent been able to breed one yet for the Aquarius quest.

02-01-16, 09:46 AM
My last spin today was a Freezel which I already have. Oh well no Frostrich for me. And I know better than to waste gems on more spins after the Winter Wonderlamb fiasco. Hopefully they both become available in value packs someday

02-01-16, 11:34 AM
I have never been a big fan of Spin To win . That's probably because I have never one anything great!! And today for my last spin I was hoping I would get the chilly goat needed for the goal line.
The previous spins resulted in only food and coins, but today's last spin gave me a childebeest !! Yay !!

02-01-16, 12:31 PM
Where did it go? Did it finish early?