View Full Version : Issue in design mode...

01-23-16, 10:20 AM
This issue exists in both RS and BS and it is a struggle to explain so please be patient with me!

When I choose an item that was from a crate or from a bundle, even if I have more than one of that item, after placing it in my bakery (and restaurant) I find I am back at the beginning of that particular tab (tables, or floor decor). A lot of the time I still want to place the 2nd (or 3rd) item too and have to scroll to that particular page which gets really frustrating.

However, when I choose an item that was already in the tab and then want to choose another I find myself still in the same page.

It would be very helpful if the tab didn't reset after choosing crate or bundle items!

Does this make sense? should I make a video of what I mean?

thank you.