View Full Version : Please bring back the Jazz Band for Mardi Gras!

01-21-16, 09:40 PM
Hello Storm8! :)

Last year, there was a New Orleans Bundle released around Mardi Gras, featuring a number of items from the February 11th, 2015 update:


In that was the bundle exclusive called the Jazz Band! Since it was a bundle exclusive, it was not made available to Android and Kindle players. Therefore, I'm asking the Restaurant Story team to please consider bringing it back this year. There are still two weeks and a half weeks before Mardi Gras as of this posting, and I would really appreciate seeing it back for purchase. Additionally, we haven't had a limited-time offer in Restaurant Story in a while, so this could be the first of 2016!


Please and thank you! :)

01-21-16, 11:05 PM

01-22-16, 04:14 AM
Yes please.