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01-21-16, 08:27 AM
Bringing this over from the Marshmallow Goals Thread, as rynetory2 suggested.

Originally Posted by LHbaker8:

I've tried to keep things interesting by redecorating, but the game messes up my floor tiles almost every time I come back in. And then even steals back tiles I've already bought, so I have to pay again if I want to put things back (not cool, s8, not cool).
And before anyone asks, yes I shut down the game when I'm not playing.

BS2 is my first S8 game, and between the tedious gameplay and wonky SW/syncing it's not really making me want to try any others. I thought it would be better as I went along, but it's gotten worse.

Posted by rynetory2:
Sorry that you are having these issues. Can you try to reinstall your game and see if that works? If it doesnt, please report this on the bug & issues thread so we can assist you further without derailing from this goal topic. Thanks.

I've done the "uninstall/reinstall thing" a couple of times when there was some other issue going on. The tile issue has persisted and the floor is not fixed and I never get back the tiles that I had bought that were wiped from the floor by the app.

I did report the issue to the support email, and the message I got back was polite, but not very helpful.

So, basically "Oh it's a sync issue. Shut/restart the app. Turn off your device and restart. Sorry, but you're out of luck with whatever items you had paid for but are now gone. Those are coins, gems, time down the drain for you. "

If it had happened just once or twice, it wouldn't really bother me. But it has happened a lot (a couple of dozen times). It took me a while to pick up on it, since I was in the habit of doing the redecorating at night right before bed, so when things were different in the morning, I just figured "oh, I guess I hadn't bought/placed as many Christmas Tree tiles as I thought I did" But then a couple of times it left all different tiles scattered randomly, and I noticed it kept replacing one particular tile at the far corner of the bakery with whatever had been there several remodels back, so I'd usually have one tile that didn't match the others. It's even happened right while I was in the middle of buying/placing tiles, and most of the new tiles were gone in an instant.

And I know I have a good connection; I don't have connection / sync problems with any other apps. And it sounds like other players are having similar problems, so it seems like an issue with the app or on the S8 end.

Is it something support can look into again? If they have an update with a known fix to this problem so it doesn't happen again, then I'd think about uninstalling/reinstalling. But I don't want to bother if the issue hasn't actually been addressed by the SW team. I'll just stop buying tiles, put clay tiles down everywhere and hang up my redecorating hat LOL.

01-21-16, 10:55 AM
Sorry to hear that! Please follow up with your support ticket for help.