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01-12-16, 11:47 AM
samsung galaxy note 10.1 gt-n8000
android 4.4.2
bakery story2 1.4.1

two weeks ago, being Level 23,
i got the goal (Passing the Torch 3/4)
rewarding me with wall decoration,
Grandma Marie's Apron.

and then, the next goal (Passing the Torch 4/4)
asking me to place this decoration.

- in goal reward field, the apron icon was coin.
- in goal task field, apron icon was different recipes
- in market tab field, apron icon was different decor other but not apron
- placed in my wall, it is invisible.

now being Level 25, the situation didn't change,
and i still cannot see either on market tab or on my wall,

could you please study this issue and fix it?
i need the pic for goals guide, and still cannot get it.

thanks in advance!


kooky panda
01-12-16, 01:59 PM
I have reported this over.

Here is a picture
http://i1273.photobucket.com/albums/y416/kookypanda99/Mobile%20Uploads/e3f3e391-ff69-4bed-b6ea-9773b13a53d9_zps8egq1dcu.png (http://s1273.photobucket.com/user/kookypanda99/media/Mobile%20Uploads/e3f3e391-ff69-4bed-b6ea-9773b13a53d9_zps8egq1dcu.png.html)

01-12-16, 02:00 PM
Sorry to hear that! Please try deleting and reinstalling the app. This should hopefully get the correct image loading for you.

01-12-16, 03:03 PM
thanks for pic, ms. kooky!

and thanks for reaction, ms. turtle! - but it didn't work.

i got there (lvl 23, apron goals) - while passing xmas goals.
and i got issues with not-registered mastering etc... u know wht i mean.
so since i got there, i had deleted and re-installed the game smth like 2-3 times to get my goals registered for xmas quest.
and apron is still smth i cannot see (invisible in the walls, and other decor pics in market tab).