View Full Version : DS Android Crashing

01-12-16, 06:42 AM
My game literally crashes every 10 seconds, every single thing I got to do in that short amount of time is reversed so I have to do the very same thing multiple times over and over.
Before the annoying crashing it wasn't saving progress (this has always happened randomly) however it got to the extreme level, so much I'm stuck on the quest for 3rd day (current event) in a row because the game is not saving what I do.

Already done the usual.

Issue started with the winter edition last month which I had uninstalled shortly after to only use the regular edition, but it only got worse.

Please fix. :mad:

01-12-16, 11:32 AM
Sorry to hear that! Some older devices may not be fully optimal for your game. If you've already tried closing background apps and deleting your cache, please email support@storm8.com so they can help you out.