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12-22-15, 11:26 PM
since there is one in BS i figured might as well post here.

to be honest....after looking over the last few months content i must ask: does storm 8 understand these holidays (halloween, xmas) culturally? it seems to me that there is a noticeable disconnect between what these holidays represent and what content has been offered in terms of choice and design.

12-26-15, 06:25 PM
I wanted to give feedback about what I thought were positives and negatives this year in Restaurant Story. BS and RS are my favorite and two most-played TL/S8 games, so I'd love to see them continue and hopefully improve going into 2016.


The return of expired goal items! It might be unpopular opinion, but I appreciated that S8 made the 2014 Blossom Goal content available to everyone. I thought the removal and subsequent reintroduction were executed much more successfully in RS than in BS, and I'm honestly fine that the reintroduced content was sold for gems, because it gave some sort of fairness to players who were around at the time of goals who were able to earn the prizes for free or buy them for coins. I know a lot of my neighbors who weren't around at the time of goals really liked the prizes, and were happy to be able to get them. I also thought the gem prices were very fair, with one exception: the pricing of the Fruit Bar appliance at 30 gems made absolutely no sense. I'm sorry, but no appliance should ever cost that much, considering users can only earn 6 gems max from mastering the recipes.

I thought the Blossom Goal reintroduction was handled a lot better than the Pier Fishing/Crab Goals, wherein, if I remember correctly, the goal prizes were removed from the market, but reintroduced via a Value Pack - therefore, costing real money, and only available to iOS players. I much preferred the Blossom Goal reintroduction, where players could buy items with gems, and the prizes was available to ALL players.

I was actually hoping S8 would have continued this and brought back more goal items. I would have loved to see the November 2013 goal items reintroduced for Thanksgiving this year - the Leaf Pile is still on my wish list as one of my most-coveted items.

Seasonal/Holiday Sales! RS saw a ton of sales this year, from the Christmas item removal in January, to Valentine's Day, to St. Patrick's Day and Easter and even Autumn! It was a great treat for players and I was really happy to be able to buy and spend gems on items that were leaving the market, or had been reintroduced for a period of time. And the duration of the sales was great too - the Valentine's sale lasted 19 whole days, and started well before the holiday giving players a chance to decorate well in advance! I really hope these are repeated in 2016, because they were absolutely amazing :)

Adding Phoebe, Chef Lee, and Gran Gran as floor decorations! Phoebe wasn't a new addition this year, but Gran Gran most definitely was, and even Lee made a return since his debut as a goal prize back in 2013! Since I wasn't playing back then, and Action Chef Lee is currently locked for me as a goal prize, I really liked having the opportunity to be able to place him in my restaurant.

This also introduces the great opportunity to have them keep featuring in future Restaurant Story updates. Halloween? Let's have a werewolf Chef Lee. Christmastime? Let's have the gang dressed festively gathering around a dining table. New Year's Eve? Let's get Phoebe, Gran Gran, and Chef Lee dressed to the nines playing with noisemakers and welcoming the new year together.

There's just so much more that can be done with these characters, and I really hope all three of them continue to make appearances in 2016.

Non-goal appliances/recipes each month! Unless I'm mistaken, RS players got new recipes unrelated to goal appliances each month in 2015, usually via additions to regular appliances in earlier months, then via extra appliances in later months. That's awesome!


Value Packs. I can understand the appeal in them for some players (get gems at a probable discount, plus a floor decoration or two), but the exclusivity of this feature to iOS makes me frown. If what I've heard is true, then TeamLava used to have promotions in Restaurant Story's earlier years where players on iOS or Android would receive a gift with a gem purchase. The Value Packs seems similar to this, and it would have been nice to have this option extended to Android and Kindle.

Gem Appliances. They're not personally my cup of tea, but I was glad to see them because it was another touch of innovation for Restaurant Story this past year. I like that they don't need any constructible parts, which I think is a nice incentive to pay gems rather than coins.

The Gem Dispenser. Again, not my cup of tea, but it still shows innovation within an older game so I like it enough. Still wish it were available for all players though.

Bundles. As with the other three features mentioned in this section, I like that it introduced something new to Restaurant Story. I actually really liked this feature, and was surprised that it didn't feature very heavily in the game towards the latter half of 2015. I think the concept of it is good, and I hope it comes back. I would have placed it in my positives category had it not been for the exclusivity of this feature to iOS devices.


The iOS/Android-Kindle disparity in the game. From watching ads to get daily gems, to bundle exclusives, to the availability of the gem dispenser, it's clear: there's a huge disparity between iOS and Android players in the game. This was briefly flipped back in April, when Android players had access to individual items in the Easter sale rather than simply a bundle, which was made available to iOS players, but it was quickly rectified by the developers after players posted their feedback on the forums. However, one thing was made clear in the event: neither iOS nor Android players appreciated the disparity between platforms. I'm not saying iOS's extraneous features should be taken away as a means to gain more equal footing (they're pretty nice additional features!), but I do hope that Android and Kindle devices will get access to the same, or at least similar, features in 2016. Without knowing the details why, it seems like some of them could be implemented but simply aren't.

Bundle Exclusives. I thought this deserved its own separate subsection because, while it factors into the iOS/Android-Kindle disparity, the fact remains that, to this day, Android players still have not had the opportunity to purchase those decorations that were made available only to iOS players as bundle exclusives. I personally would have loved to buy the Jazz Band from February this year, and would have paid as many gems as the asking price of the entire bundle to have been able to have it in my restaurant, but as a then-Android player, I couldn't. I appreciate the idea of bundles, and even think it makes sense from a business point of view to have bundle exclusives, but please make bundles available to Android players so they can also have the opportunity to buy them. I still hope I'll get the opportunity to buy the Jazz Band sometime in the future.


Lack of Limited Time Offers in later months. Following the amazing Autumn Sale introduced at the end of September, there were no LTOs to be had in October, November, or December, with the exception of the disastrous Black Friday sale (detailed below). This was rather surprising, as the holidays are one of the times people will surely spend money, and it seems like Storm8 missed a huge opportunity by not introducing LTOs during this time (made doubly strange by the fact that we got LTOs rather consistently this time of year back in 2014). One of the most specific cases I want to highlight is the October 28th update, wherein we got a vampire-themed update, complete with a Coffin Couple, Vampire Party, and Vamp Fountain which made bar-themed Halloween drinks. It would have been the perfect time to reintroduce the Vampire Bartender (1st place prize from the Spooky Chest), with the ties-in to the vampire theme and the appliance recipes. However, this just didn't happen.

The Black Friday Sale. The most anticipated day of the year for many players; the day that marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the States; the day which has seen some spectacular sales of rare and first-place box-prize items in previous years in Restaurant Story, along with a sweet 40%-off sale on gems, and Storm8 drastically underdelivered. Drastically.

I can't even begin to describe why this event was so disappointing. Aside from not living up to Black Friday sales of previous years in Restaurant Story, this sale didn't even live up to previous sales Storm8 had had for other holidays in the year. Storm8 had built up a momentum of what to expect throughout the year with their amazing holiday and seasonal sales. Valentine's Day's sale was great; St. Patrick's was amazing, and the Autumn Sale was the biggest I've ever seen in the game. Even Cinco de Mayo had a small sale to commemorate the holiday. So, having seen what S8 was capable of throughout the year, I thought this Black Friday was sure to be the best this game had ever seen, and a powerful hallmark to round out the end of the sales in 2015.

A paltry total of 6 items on a 5-day timer was not what I was expecting.

However, more than the actual sale itself, what really exacerbated my frustration with the event was the company's lack of reaction. Last year, Elsa was gracious enough to go on the Bakery Story forums and communicate with players, asking why they disliked the sale so much and what could be done to improve it. What followed was a Christmas sale with items players had wanted to see, and an overall sense that the developers still listened to players, and valued their opinions.

This year, there was none of that, and unless Storm8 has a New Year's sale planned in which items people wanted on Black Friday will suddenly appear, it doesn't seem like it's going to happen, either. Supposedly, Storm8 staff do read the forums (at least according to moderator comments), but even if they do, that isn't exactly being conveyed. Speaking for a few other players: we love this game, but we're feeling very undervalued as customers. Please show us that we still matter.

The lack of a Christmas Sale. Already detailed above. It would have been great to see one after the lacking Black Friday sale, but the lack of one makes me (and other players) wonder if Storm8 is neglecting this game, and whether or not that's a sign of its demise.

Lack of Diversity in Floor Decorations. Aside from the Jazz Band and Masala Chef floor decorations introduced earlier this year, there has been no diversity in skin tones in the people making up the other floor displays, and there have been plenty of opportunities for this (ex. the Central Picnic prize in the New York goals, which would have been perfect considering how much of a melting pot New York is, or the more recent Holiday Party that was added on December 2nd. Was there really a need for party-hat-wearing purple-headed violinist in the Holiday Party when a kid with slightly darker hair and skin, without the party hat, would have worked just as well?). It's as simple as giving a person curlier hair in a display, or making their skin tone just a few touches darker, or even copy-pasting Android bots from their restaurant strolls into floor decorations as a last resort. I just don't see why it hasn't been done more.

Almost-Exclusive Use of New Parts. Since about May, when new parts such as the brass diverter, golden stake, and mallet were introduced, new appliances have been utilizing them almost exclusively, along with new parts that are introduced every time a new appliance is introduced, be it free-standing or as part of a goal. I have no problem with new parts entering the market (though I do think it's getting pretty saturated now with one-time-use parts, which I dislike), but I wish the newer appliances made use of the older parts as well. What happened to using nozzles, paint, metal sheets, and screws? Those parts have fallen to the wayside and become all but useless, unless players want to build older appliances! It would be nice to see them come into use again.

The Dino Crate (September 23rd, 2015). This update, for me, was the worst update for Restaurant Story in 2015. It's already disappointing to have two box updates in a row (the prior week's update was the Fall Harvest Crate), since box updates don't add anything to the game but the box itself, so there's no opportunity to buy new tables, chairs, counters, etc. But to get a box full of kiddie multicolored dinosaurs placed in a daycare setting???


What even.

I know not all of Restaurant Story's updates are necessarily restaurant- or food-centric, and personally, I like that. It's nice to have some variety every now and then. However, with the other themes Restaurant Story's updates introduce, it's nice to have some sense of realism, or if the update is more fantasy-oriented, then at least introduce items that are complementary to the theme and give other items to help establish something. Case in point: with the midsummer and renaissance faire updates: the midsummer update came with a fairy, yes, but it also introduced a new appliance (the Solstice Stove), and tables and chairs to establish a theme. The Renaissance Faire update included a background, a new appliance, and already tied into some existing items in the market and a pre-existing box: the Renaissance Chest.

The Dino Crate did none of that.

But, aside from the explanation that I provided above, it's worth asking: logically, how did anyone behind the update even think, much less conclude and make a reality, that this is something players would have wanted in their games? A Jurassic Park box, with dinos in their "natural" habitat? Sure. There are some recipes and decorations that could have lent themselves to a prehistoric theme. Kids at a daycare? It may have been a touch more unpopular, but could've maybe tied into the kid's theme introduced in January. But dinosaurs at a daycare just doesn't make sense. At all.

The increasing prices of new appliances. The Autumn Stove introduced in November costs 72,000 coins, and the most recent Nonna's Stove cost 120,000. Both set records for being the most expensive coin appliance in the market at their time of release, and neither have the profit margins or recipe serving sizes to justify the prices. Additionally, the higher price means lower availability to newer players, who may not have as many coins to spend on new appliances. Please consider the price with appliances in the future.

The childish leaning of the recent displays. From the infamous Dino Crate (I've gone on about this enough, but still), to the Halloween decorations that could have been made spookier (where are the terrified people and the half-decomposed zombies of Halloween fame?), to overly-cartoonish Family of Bears in the Acorn Crate, the decorations in Restaurant Story have just been getting a bit more childish. There's no need for such decorations to be so kiddish in the game. It feels like the artists are underestimating the age of Restaurant Story's fanbase.

12-26-15, 06:28 PM
That's quite a bit of negativity, unfortunately. Moving onto what I thought were some of the best additions this year, because they deserve equal mention in my opinion :) :

Best Update:

For me, it's a tie between the Earth Day update on April 15th, and the Aromatics update on April 22nd. The Earth Day update was lovely, with an amazing and well-balanced (between coins and gems) array of floor decorations tied to the holiday. The Arbor Activists quickly became a favorite of mine, and I loved that we got a new Phoebe with cute little flowers in her pigtails.

The Aromatics update was a great follow-up, and I really appreciated that it complemented the theme of the Arbor Day update really well. The herb garden was a great touch (what kitchen doesn't use herbs, after all), and from the dried sprigs on the wall, to the garden stone flooring, to the four new recipes we received (along with a very pretty splash screen for Android players), this update was a great one all around. :D



Best Goal Set:

I loved the Lemon-themed Goals in June 2015! The recipes introduced may have been a touch on the sweet side, but the illustrations for each were beautiful, and the other goal items were just spectacular. The Lemonade Sign was cute and functional, the Lemon Barrel chairs and Lemon Trees were really versatile, and the Lemonade Stand with Phoebe waving from behind, complete with a "Lemonade" board and various lemony goodies on the counter, was absolutely spectacular. The addition of the non-goal items "Cashier Lee" and "Yard Sale" was the icing on the (lemon?) cake, and this was a fantastic way to start summer.


Best Box:

While I and other players have mixed feelings on boxes, some of them have really pretty prizes that are worth the gamble. For me, one such box would be the Roses Crate (June 24th update). I feel like, with roses as a theme, this prizes in this box could have easily become irrelevant to a restaurant scene, but I think the prizes inside are really cute. The Rose Queen and her dress are rather cute, and I like that she resembles the Rose Seller a lot (whether or not that was intentional, I don't know, but it's a great coincidence). The Rose Tea is also delightful and would look really nice in the Spring, while the Rose Kitchen is a fantastic prize - the appliances being to scale and the food on the counters is a lovely touch. I feel like this box would be great for Valentine's Day through the spring months, and I'll definitely be trying it out next year. Fingers crossed for a box sale!


12-26-15, 06:37 PM
With my review having concluded, I wanted to finish with some suggestions for 2016, which I hope Storm8 will take into account as the new year begins

Suggestions for 2016:

Less cartoony/childish stuff please!! I know Restaurant Story has a certain artistic style, and I like the cute little people in the displays, but stuff like the cutesy bears in the Acorn Crate, or the lack of spookiness in the Halloween updates, or the notorious Daycare Dinosaurs (:mad:) just shouldn't be added to the game, please.

More diversity in the floor displays! This is a HUGE one for me, especially because it's an easily-implementable change. For the new floor decorations in which there will be people (which most of Restaurant Story's do), please include people of darker skin tones and hair colors. That's it. It could even be as simple as a 1:4 ratio, where for every 5 people in a floor decoration, there are 4 "beige" characters and one darker character. Storm8's artists have shown it can be done before in Restaurant Story (with the Wedding Caterers, Pizza Toss, Jazz Band, and Masala Chef displays), and it would be amazing to see that in the next year. Please and thank you!

More cultural updates/goals! We've had French, Italian, Indian, Korean, and Chinese-themed updates in 2015, among others. That's amazing! Please continue this into 2016 :) I'd love to see updates for the Lunar New Year, Mardi Gras (again), and Diwali, among many others.

More of Phoebe, Gran Gran, and Chef Lee, especially in different seasonal outfits :)

Please take a look at the suggestions thread!! Be it the annual Holiday Suggestion Thread (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?86427-Restaurant-Winter-Holiday-Suggestion-Thread-2015/page4) started by Kooky Panda or the ongoing Theme Suggestions thread (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?55358-Restaurant-Story-Theme-Suggestions/page18) in the discussions sub-forum, players have a lot of ideas and it would be really encouraging to see some of them come to life, as it were, in Restaurant Story. I've personally seen some of my suggestions make it into the game in the past (to my shock and delight - thank you so much!), as well as others from the threads come into the game, but in recent months it seems that that hasn't been the case. If there's a "deadline" of sorts by which we should suggest our ideas for a particular month/theme (ex. if we want to see an idea in February/Valentine's Day, we should suggest it at least x months ahead of time), please let us know! The fanbase on the forums is really dedicated and we'd love to contribute as much as we can :)

More servings for new recipes! While I love the new recipes that have been introduced to the game, a lot of them have small serving quantities, and the bots go through food pretty quickly in this game. Goal recipes usually have lower serving statistics anyway, but since we've been getting extra appliances, could the recipes on those have bigger servings please? Thank you very much!

Speaking of new recipes, more grill recipes please! Of the three basic appliances, the grill has been largely neglected when it comes to recipe additions. More recipes on the grill would be great, especially during the summer and autumn months :) There are already some suggestions for new grill recipes here (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?72869-Could-we-get-some-more-grill-recipes).

More seasonal sales and LTOs! This was a great highlight of 2015, and it would be great to see it continue in 2016! Also, more specifically to LTOs: I don't think I saw a new limited-time offer floor decoration in 2015, aside from certain bundle exclusives or value pack exclusives like the Jazz Band and Lazy Sunday. It would be great to see some new ones (and even greater if we could have the old exclusives come back! The Jazz Band thirst is real.) Additionally, have some off-season sales - like Christmas in July, for example, where LTOs are brought back just for the heck of it ;)

If this game is going to go under or become unsupported, please let us know. As much as we love Restaurant Story, some of us are still warming up to Restaurant Story 2. If 2016 is going to be Restaurant Story's last year, please let us know in advance so we can be prepared for the lack of updates and/or close our restaurants, if we decide to.

As a sub-note, if Restaurant Story is going to go under, then please go out with a bang! Sales, LTOs, the re-introduction of expired goal items, another poll on the forums of items to bring back - all of this would be a great way to say goodbye to such an amazing game.

On a similar note, please communicate with us on the forums. If there are no plans to add items to a sale, for example, or if a feature was implemented only in iOS and not Android, or if there's an entirely new feature introduced to Restaurant Story and then abruptly stopped, we'd simply like to know that that's something that's happening, and if you can share the reason, then why. If nothing else, it simply validates that players are still a concern for Storm8. The lack of communication by Storm8 community members this year, on top of other things, has led to speculation that Storm8 doesn't care about us players anymore, and that Restaurant Story may come to an end relatively soon.

Please continue the Tuesday Teasers! Like many others, I look forward to seeing what will be added to the games by reading Storm8's blog. Those posts have been a bit intermittent these past few weeks, so it would be great to see them consistently again, and they give us a lot of great decorating ideas ;)

Thank you so much for another year with Restaurant Story! Hoping to see some awesome updates in 2016 :)

12-27-15, 12:43 AM
Very well said pixiegamer. I think you speak for all of us with everything you mentioned. I hope teamlava reads what you so eloquently wrote and takes action. ��������������������������������

12-27-15, 09:45 PM
Hmm...think I forgot to actually hit the post button before. Anyway, as I was (not) saying, what a wonderfully thorough review! So many points that I hope the overlords will note and remember. The only points I disagree with are your favorites for the year! (Aromatics was also a favored update, but there were quite a few others on my list--cooking school, Indian food, fast food and more--and I think the fall harvest crate is one of the best overall, not just of the year, though I'm also weirdly fond of the zoo crate. Lemons were a great goal, but the stand at the end fell into the "too childish" hole for me.)

The points I'd most like to reiterate, though as I said, I agree with all of them, is to please communicate better with players, avoid overly immature designs, increase servings on new stoves, and my number one request: equal offers across all accounts and platforms! And I'd love more sales & diversity too! (Really appreciate what a consistent advocate you've been for in-game diversity, pixiegamer.)

12-28-15, 02:04 PM
Very well said pixiegamer. I think you speak for all of us with everything you mentioned. I hope teamlava reads what you so eloquently wrote and takes action.

:o Thank you very much! I'm not sure I spoke for everyone, but I hope it gets noticed too.

Hmm...think I forgot to actually hit the post button before. Anyway, as I was (not) saying, what a wonderfully thorough review! So many points that I hope the overlords will note and remember. The only points I disagree with are your favorites for the year! (Aromatics was also a favored update, but there were quite a few others on my list--cooking school, Indian food, fast food and more--and I think the fall harvest crate is one of the best overall, not just of the year, though I'm also weirdly fond of the zoo crate. Lemons were a great goal, but the stand at the end fell into the "too childish" hole for me.)

The points I'd most like to reiterate, though as I said, I agree with all of them, is to please communicate better with players, avoid overly immature designs, increase servings on new stoves, and my number one request: equal offers across all accounts and platforms! And I'd love more sales & diversity too! (Really appreciate what a consistent advocate you've been for in-game diversity, pixiegamer.)

I figure the favorites will be different for everyone. I think we had some great updates this year, including the ones you mentioned, and the Fall Harvest crate came in a very close second for my favorite box of the year. The only update I think I actively disliked was the Dino Crate - but I think I've more than elaborated on my feelings about that already :p

Your point about equal offers across platforms made me remember two things, which I'd forgotten to mention in my suggestions post. So, addressing Storm8/TeamLava once again:

Please resume Android Notifications for new versions of Restaurant Story. Since the release of Restaurant Story: Bagel Cafe for Android earlier this year, Android in-game notifications for new versions of Restaurant Story have been untimely or completely overlooked. For frame of reference, here's the timeline of Restaurant Story version releases this year compared to when Android users were notified about them:

Restaurant Story: Bagel Cafe: added to the Play Store on March 25, 2015. Announced on Storm8's blog and in games via a download notification on July 31st, 2015 (almost 4 whole months later).
Restaurant Story: Fast Food: added to the Play Store on February 18, 2015. Announced on Storm8's blog and in games via a download notification on March 27th, 2015 (~1.5 months later).
Restaurant Story: Tropic Bliss: added to the Play Store on April 29th, 2015. Announced on Storm8's blog and in games via a download notification on May 15, 2015 (2 weeks later).
Restaurant Story: Summer Camp: added to the Play Store on May 27th, 2015. Announced on Storm8's blog and in games via a download notification on June 12, 2015 (2 weeks later).
Restaurant Story: Renaissance Faire: added to the Play Store on August 19th, 2015. Still no announcement on Storm8's blog or in-game (4 months and counting).
Restaurant Story: Royal Blues: added to the Play Store on September 30th, 2015. Still no announcement on Storm8's blog or in-game (almost 3 months and counting).

While I advocate for cross-platform parity, this is one topic on which I'd argue for Android players receiving some partiality, because the new versions coincide with added content for Android players. Without downloading the new versions of the game, Android players cannot have access to the new items added that week, which are otherwise freely available to iOS and Kindle players. Additionally, unless players frequent the forums or otherwise stay on top of the release schedule for new versions of Restaurant Story, many aren't even aware of the new versions being available (and this is reflected in the installation statistics on Google Play). In-game notifications are the easiest way to inform players that a new version has hit the market, and I hope Storm8 goes back to a consistent notification schedule so Android players are informed, in a timely manner, about new versions of Restaurant Story. Ideally, it would be amazing to receive an in-game notification for a new version on Friday, two days after iOS and Kindle users would have received the corresponding update in their games. This has happened before, so there's no reason it couldn't happen again.

Regarding the 6-gem download incentive: both Android and iOS receive weekly notifications to download other Storm8 games for a 6-gem reward. While iOS may not receive as many new versions for Restaurant Story as Android, there are still enough games that can be advertised for iOS that advertising a new version of Restaurant Story in Android (or newer versions of other Android games) would not substantially offset the gem-earning potential on either platform. Additionally, considering iOS players' additional avenues to earn gems in their games (via gem dispensers and/or daily videos), offering a 6-gem reward on newer Android versions may actually help with the gem-earning parity between the two platforms, rather than unbalance it. (Not having played on a Kindle platform, I can't say anything for how in-game download notifications on that platform works).

And if there's any doubt whether the in-game notification is an issue, please read the Google Play reviews for Restaurant Story: Renaissance Faire and Restaurant Story: Royal Blues. Many of the reviews state the lack of in-game notifications about new versions to be a big concern, and additionally, both versions (neither of which received an in-game notification for players to download) are also less downloaded and more poorly rated.

Please fix the gifting and wall text glitches in the iOS version. This is already extensively detailed in the Bugs and Issues report here (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?82617-Restaurant-Story-1-7-6-Issues-IOS).

Thank you.

01-01-16, 06:01 AM
Very well done and I completely agree. Also if we do not receive warning and transfer over to new game of value for $ spent over several years for purchased appliances etc, I for one will no longer support this gaming company at all. I have spent thousands over the past several years and will be extremely upset to have to lose all the time and $ spent in building to the level I am at. Also agree with the other points made concerning shildish decor and lack of sales - although I do appreciate the gem machines and new oven/stoves - would be nice to purchase more of those.

01-01-16, 07:04 AM
I also agree with pretty much everything you said. I also will be upset if they abandon or discontinue to support the one games. I will not play the story two games. If theses games end I will no longer play any storm 8 games.

They really need to work on their customer support skills and their communication with their customers in 2016.

How you handle problems and concerns in one game reflects on all your games.

Why, after seeing how you ignore and disregard your customer base in some games would I ever want to spend money in any new games you put out?

Also the over kill on in game advertising for other storm 8 games is becoming really annoying.
One thing I look for before I download an app or game are reviews that say it has a lot of pop ups.
If there had been the amount of other game advertising when I started this game as there is now, I would have deleted the game after a week.

The gem traps I don't understand. You have people literally begging to spend money if you would just give them the items they are asking for. It would be so much simpler to give your customers what they are asking for and make the money legitimately. Win win everyone happy.

01-01-16, 01:31 PM
It feels like the artists are underestimating the age of Restaurant Story's fanbase.I also pretty much agree with pixiegamer (and by that I mean, there were some points that I'm indifferent to, but nothing I disagreed with), but to this comment, I also wanted to add: You technically have to be 13 to play these games, right? Let's say for the sake of argument, S8 estimates that most players are 13-15 (which, for multiple reasons would be a ridiculous assumption, mostly because if they really want to make money, they can't hope that enough 13-year-olds have access to the means to buy gems). I could be wrong, but I feel like kids that age (in general) are the least likely be into babyish stuff, because they're not nearly old enough to want it for nostalgia reasons, and not quite old enough to be into it ironically. Maturity level seems not to be a consideration at all sometimes.

01-01-16, 02:04 PM
I pretty agree with much pixelgamer just said.

01-01-16, 02:17 PM
I agree with everything people have said. Also another note, why just give apple users the option for free gems and not android users? Android users seem to be mistreated. If this keeps us then ill just quit as I'll only spend gems on boxes that I don't like

01-01-16, 03:15 PM
I agree with everything people have said. Also another note, why just give apple users the option for free gems and not android users? Android users seem to be mistreated. If this keeps us then ill just quit as I'll only spend gems on boxes that I don't like

They broke the gifting system for ios in 2015 to make us even.