View Full Version : Jenny rarely visits my Bakery :v

12-20-15, 02:51 AM
Hi. I just wanna clarify if Jenny supposed to be visiting our shop rarely? As in She only visits 3 times a day. And just gives 1 or 2 Cookie Cutters. :v That just makes the mastery of Gingerbread Cookies so slow. :v Hmmm. :(

12-20-15, 03:56 AM
Elf drops 1 - 3 winter spices every 2 hours.
Jenny drops 1 - 4 cutters every 3 hours.

Yap it takes a while to master Gingerbread Cookies. I'm facing shortage of cutters too.

12-20-15, 07:16 AM
I have reached fruit cake mastery.......still need more cutters to get to artisan for the cookies >.>

12-20-15, 10:53 AM
I don't hardly see an elf last time I last played this game.

12-20-15, 06:41 PM
Noelle the elf visits every 2 hours. If she gets delay, you can see her by restarting you game. Hope this helps.

12-21-15, 06:19 AM
I have never seen Jenny visit my bakery. What can I do to get her to visit and give me cookie cutters?