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12-15-15, 05:05 PM
I wish you would stop putting food on cookie sheets, or left in frying pans, for serving. A restaurant wouldn't be in business long if they did that. I don't do it in my home either! The new Walnut dish left in a frying pan.. PRETTY SAD! And so many bowls aren't anything but stew & a tiny variation. Dissapointed without a doubt! What happened to Christmas?? There are new players who want a tree! Please lets be a lot more creative out there in Teamlava Land! I know you can do it, but lately it's been pretty sad. Pretty holiday cookies served on cookie sheets!! PLEASE! Why has the creativeness taken a turn for the worse? Just not good designs. Ive played for the past 3 years & it's become lazy. Don't mean to offend, I just want to wake up the creative minds working for you or maybe it's time for new designers???!
I'M GOING TO ASK AGAIN & I'LL KEEP ASKING UNTIL IT HAPPENS OR I DIE (LOL), PLEASE MAKE THE FLOOR PIECES TURN IN ALL DIRECTIONS, LIKE THE CASH REGISTERS. It can't be a big deal to write, why won't you all do that, I'd really like to know.
Done with the rant & btw this isn't from a young woman but a 53 yr old who enjoys this game & the friends I've made.

12-16-15, 07:30 AM
I agree, the food should be put on nice plates, trays, bowls, platters and not the cooking/baking pots and pans. Nice things for the different holidays :-) 50 and enjoy this game too!
Merry Christmas :-)

05-19-16, 07:38 AM
I agree 1,000%!! And what is with the tan and brown colored foods with no garnish on the plate?! So many items are a bland looking piece of meat on a plate or cookie sheet. How about some creativity people!! It's getting annoying week after week.

08-17-16, 10:24 AM
I have often described most of RS food as festering swill, to general agreement. That still holds true tho now it also describes most of new decor and ALL recent goal prizes.


11-05-16, 09:47 AM
A little more creativity would go down a treat


11-09-16, 12:39 PM
The food itself is extremely creative, however, the plates/serving bowls, most frequently, do not give it any justice whatsoever! Why blue bowls & plates? They look cheap... I feel like they should have just stuck to white, as the blue makes it look like baby's cutlery. Very cheap.

The serving bowls look like something you'd expect at a school, prison diner, or homeless shelter. Like you'd just expect the food to be slapped onto your plate with a big serving spoon, lmao.