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12-09-15, 12:33 AM
I have been mastering quite a few recipes recently and now I have a lot of plaques under my decor tab. I do have many decor items but I also have A LOT of plaques that make it really difficult to scroll through all my decorations. My suggestion is to make separate tab that would be dedicated only for plaques so they not take that much space! :>

12-10-15, 05:13 PM
I think this would actually be a very easy add and something that would be greatly appreciated by many players in our community. I think would save a lot of time and would be something cool to build up to and just be able to look through at just your plaques in one place instead of seeing other things in your storage.

kooky panda
12-10-15, 05:32 PM
This is a really great suggestion. I will pass this on!:)

12-11-15, 06:18 PM
Cool thanks! Would be great if this feature would be added, will save so much time!

06-11-16, 07:38 AM
I have a suggestion:
I think the time has come to introduce a separate decoration tab for Plaques.

The number of Plaques in my Decorations Tab is growing that fast, that i loose the overview of the available decorations. Too much scrolling, which results more and more in some irritation when i need decorations to change my restaurant.

A separate tab "Earned Plaques" would be very welcome.

06-11-16, 07:46 AM
Hi this suggestion has already been passed to the team fyi.

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