View Full Version : Hard to make money

12-08-15, 08:06 PM
I am on level 23 and I find it painfully hard to get enough money to do what is required. I cook the most profitable recipe all the time. I cook a lot all day. people take so long to eat. I have 20 chairs. But they are asking me for:

EXPENSION : $300,000
CAKE MAKER : $390,000

All of those are in my goals at the same time and money is very slow to get and I know I cook all the most paying recipe. But, come on, this is a lot of money to get. Maybe the people could eat faster. I mean I have tons of food on my counters and I get up in the morning and food is still there. Eat people eat faster!!!!!

12-08-15, 08:20 PM
I am currently stuck at the same spot. Can't accomplish any of my goals cause they all require creme brulee. I just hit 600,000 coins, but am still waiting until I open the Exotic Bazaar until I get another 100 or 200k since it requires 100k to unlock vanilla and then another 200k to make the creme brulee. Plus the 300,000 expansion. Once my goals start saying I HAVE to bake cakes and unlock the cake maker, I am probably going to have to give up.

12-08-15, 08:39 PM
That is exactly how I feel. I just finally got $600,000 and it took almost a week but felt like 2 weeks of constant work. I think something has to get done because it's just too long to get money and items are just too expensive to unlock. Everything in my goals I can't do so it gets boring. Make the people eat faster, make the expansions cheaper so we can get more tables in to make more money. Also, we need to be able to delete items in the pantry WITHOUT DELETING all of them. I would love to delete 10 thank you note, but not all 20 of them.