View Full Version : Recipes changed since an hour agonizing

12-06-15, 06:31 PM
I reopen the game and now all the recipes in the orange stove changed. The recipes that needed one fruit jam now need 2. Those that needed none now need one. Are we pulling the same tricks than in Restaurant 2 this early? Perhaps it is time to say good bye.

I'm level 99 in Restaurant, Bakery and Fashion and 55 in Restaurant 2.

12-06-15, 09:54 PM
Since you posted this I've been into my game and it's all the same for me. Have you force closed your game? Perhaps you could post a screen shot (use the 3rd last icon when you create a new post). Did you see it as 2/1 or 1/2? If it's 2/1 it means you have 2 made and need 1 for recipe. (Sorry if you knew that!) :):):):):):) a pic would be helpful.

Anyone else see changes?

12-07-15, 09:34 AM
No changes here.