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12-05-15, 09:08 AM
Hi !

Usually, when I close the game for the night, I get about 15-20 000 $ but this morning I had nothing more than the amount I had yesterday. All my counters are still full.

Is there a way to get my missing money ? I need it to learn a new recipe ! Thank you

12-07-15, 10:21 AM
Be sure you're not blocking your door or access to your tables and chairs. This is not the intended use of the game and can cause unexpected results.

12-08-15, 02:50 PM
There was nothing blocking the door, my bakery was as usual and I lost about 40 000$ because it did this twice. When I open the game, it's stop itself and then when I reopen it again, the money I gain overnight was gone. I wrote to Storm8 support and still no answer.

12-08-15, 06:00 PM
I had the same kind of issue, i collected food, etc. and was just starting cooking when my front door went, it was the postman, went answered my door, came back to game (maximum away 2 minutes) and all food had gone, counters completely empty, money had gone, to go orders all reset. I emailed support and today got an answer (2 weeks after sending it) the answer was obviously a generic one after seeing the answer above, my answer was......
Thank you for your email. This can happen if you are blocking your door. Please note this is not the designed use of this game. We are not able to guarantee the effectiveness of this game strategy. So don't get your hopes up Sabriinax4

12-09-15, 09:46 AM
It takes so long to get a little bit of money to buy new recipe, appliances, etc. that when we finally get some, can we please be able to keep it?