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12-04-15, 09:50 PM
Hello. I have been playing restaurant story along with some of my friends and family. We all play for,not only enjoyment, but some competition as well . Recently, we have gotten back into the game only to find that the gem-ads system is corrupt and unfair. I am able to only receive 3 gems a day after watching 3 ads; whereas my friends account can receive 10.

Perhaps this may seem as though it not a big deal, but to put it into proportion, that is 300 gems a month in comparison to 90, saving you approx. 40$ if for some reason you decided to buy gems to equalize the playing field. This has deemed extremely discouraging as gems are truly a necessity in the overall enjoyment of the game and the fun the comes with it.

For others, I have heard that they do not even receive this opportunity to get free gems. Unfair? I think so. I am genuinely confused to who thought it was a brilliant idea to make "Rewards vary per account and device". Or so I've been told by a support agent regarding this issue.

I am wondering if anyone else is frustrated about this inequality and ridiculous way of giving out free gems. Also, I am wondering if there is anyway I could get the same opportunity for 10 gems a day. In my opinion either: grant all players the ability to receive the same amount of gems, or don't and frustrate the well developed community of restaurant story.

Thanks :) hopefully this is going to be changed/fixed

Additional information: iOS (iPhone 5s, iPad mini, IPod 4th generation)
Most current game.

Edit: I too am grateful for all the gems they give :)

12-04-15, 10:05 PM
I agree with this and think that it is unfair. Well said :)

12-05-15, 10:30 AM
yeh i want 10 gems too instead of 3 but 3 is better then none so thx for those ^_^

kooky panda
12-05-15, 03:04 PM
I am sorry guys but right now this feature is in a beta testing mode so some players will receive this feature, some will not.
The rewards for this feature will be different for players. There may be changes to the rewards while in this testing mode.