View Full Version : There's no need for this at all

12-01-15, 12:15 AM
Is this seriously going to show up now every time I boot up this game? This game is mostly gem base. I've given little money already and now I have to see an ad like this every time? Just wow


12-01-15, 02:19 PM
I have one for Cupcake Mania this week....last week it was Castle Story. I don't mind the pop ups like once a day, but every time I open the game??? Seriously annoying.

12-02-15, 02:04 AM
I kept getting this ad as well lots yesterday and today, so this afternoon I re-installed bubble mania, played a level and the pop up hasn't returned when I've opened by game again tonight.

12-03-15, 05:35 PM
They should remove these types of ads- especially from showing up all of the time.
Or give us an option to have no ads with gems or something. This game needs some serious updating and change.