View Full Version : Not getting rewards after completing goals

11-26-15, 07:28 AM
In the last few days I have completed 2 quests and have not received the rewards for completing them. Yesterday I completed the "green dawn" quest and didn't get anything for it, today I completed the yellow dawn and once again got nothing... Any ways to fix this? And get the rewards

kooky panda
11-26-15, 08:20 PM
The Dawn goals do not actually reward you with the reward. It only unlocks the buildings in the market so you can purchase them. Sorry for the confusion!

11-26-15, 08:49 PM
Ok, Thanks very much. Have a good day. I do enjoy this game, maybe to much 😉

11-26-15, 09:42 PM
Cursed Dragon
Dear kooky panda :)
I have completed chapter 7 of Dragon Story Tales Event but i can not find Cursed Dragon in my storage..
In the other account i got it :confused: I'm now on level 175 my island's name is Dragon Island.
Please help me to fix it so i can continue the event..
Thanks a lot :)