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11-25-15, 06:52 PM
After updating Bakery Story Two to 1.3.1 the To-Go Orders pop-up looks like there are squares/rectangles that shouldn't be there. Attached is a screenshot. Not sure if it will affect the to-go orders but it looks really odd.

The menus in general seem to also be loading slower than usual too instead of better performance it feels like it has done the opposite for me.

Note: The squares on the left and right side and above the titles.


11-27-15, 07:55 AM
So was anything good changed? Should I update? Seems S8 updates always add more bugs than fix them.

11-27-15, 08:43 AM
I also no longer have the tick above the order cart when a order is ready to send.

12-04-15, 09:43 PM
I hate that it doesn't tell me when they're completed and can be delivered.

kooky panda
12-05-15, 03:06 PM
The little squares do not effect game play.

As for the check mark missing over the counter when you orders are ready, this has been reported.

To go orders ready (http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.php?86372-To-go-orders-ready)

kooky panda
12-08-15, 12:31 PM
The little square issue should be corrected in the next version update.
Thanks for reporting! :)

12-09-15, 07:00 PM
Thank you very much! I'm glad these will be fixed and that the check mark will be coming back too!
I can't wait for the next version update. It's been awhile since the last one. :-)

kooky panda
01-07-16, 02:12 PM
This was fixed in the most recent update version. 1.4.