View Full Version : Food all disappeared

11-25-15, 02:33 AM
Opened game first time today, said I received 11k money overnight, collected all I had baked overnight from every appliance, which was all high quantity items. Postman came so went to door, got mail, came back and all food had gone, money had disappeared, customers all had negative crosses on head as nothing to eat, this is now ridiculous odd items going, orders not counting, yesterday one oven decided it was new and was back in its crate, strawberries decided they were an hours timing instead of 5 mins. Why launch a game with so many bugs, clearly it wasn't ready and hadn't been properly tested.

11-25-15, 06:06 AM
I think I'm having the exact same bug this morning. All food wiped out and set to five hour timers for ingredients. All equipment except the first two ovens are crated with five hour timers. Obviously unplayable. I'm in an area with a spotty connection if that's any help.

[S8] Elsa
11-25-15, 11:09 AM
Sorry to hear about this. Can you share more details about what happened in the game when you experienced the timer issue and did this occur once or each time you complete these actions?

11-25-15, 11:20 AM
Looks like it may just be a one-time thing. Five hours added to every timer. I waited out the five hours and everything appears to be normal. Every appliance "uncrated" like it was new but still had the food that was being cooked on it.

[S8] Elsa
11-25-15, 11:36 AM
If it happens again, please let us know what in-game actions were going on when you experienced it so we can try and identify the issue. Thank you!

11-25-15, 03:10 PM
I wasn't doing anything as I had just collected all my food, but then everything completely disappeared, not one single item of food left, it just blinked and poof everything gone. I took a screen shot of completely empty food counters, but of course that proves nothing.