View Full Version : Too much time inbetween game play

11-24-15, 06:53 PM
Due to the nature of the game, it needs to keep the player engaged for longer periods of time. The daily allotment of dice is too far apart. You've combined two of my favorite games and I absolutely love it but I have even pondered not coming back. It's a game of chance and it goes bad for me a lot. I like the change up on the win patterns - that's great. I even thought if I spent money on it maybe it would help. It didn't. In fact I specifically spent money so I could get more letters to finish a puzzle and I didn't get one letter. It was so disappointing (not ur fault but still it killed my joy for sec). You could add an option for someone to guess the puzzle even if they don't have all the letters for a gem. Also could you think about adding a random bonus for active players? One of the other games that I play does that every now and then. It definitely ups my interest to keep playing longer. It could be a package with boosts or dice or XP. Great game regardless - i wish I could play it longer without spending gobs of money.

01-13-16, 12:17 PM
I absolutely agree with the previous poster. Even after paying $1.99 (not a large sum of money, mind you) for 60 dice, I was able to play for maybe 20 minutes before having to wait 8 hours to play again. The result is that I stopped caring about playing the game before the next time my dice were refilled, so I uninstalled it.

01-30-16, 08:30 PM
I agree, only a few times I received a few (as in 2) dice for rewards for using boosts. Other than waiting hours or spending money to purchase dice , there's no other way to get them. Also, there's no reward of any kind for leveling up, or hitting a "bingo" on the collection cards. The game is fun but I've gotten tired of waiting for a few dice every 20 hours only to blow through them in minutes. And for some reason the word puzzle event didn't show up on my game until the last few hours before closing?