View Full Version : Bygone Ballroom habitat missing!

11-24-15, 05:51 PM
I bought the Ballroom Habitat this afternoon, but when I opened the game later, it is missing. There's just an empty space on my island where it was? Please help!

[S8] Elsa
11-24-15, 06:30 PM
Sorry to hear about that. Please email support@storm8.com for assistance. Please include your Storm8 ID for the account you need help with. You can PM me the ticket number. :)

11-26-15, 09:57 PM
I lost my Bygone Ballroom also. I did email support but have not heard back yet.

11-27-15, 09:04 PM
I had purchased bygone ballroom and it was missing a couple hours later along with the gold i used to purchase it.
Thanks, Wendy

11-29-15, 05:25 PM
Does anyone know when they finally get to me... Will I get the item back or the gold i used to purchase it? I do not want to miss out on the item.

12-01-15, 09:34 AM
Have you heard anything yet?

12-02-15, 07:25 AM
I have not yet received a response from anyone about my inquiry above. It has been well over a week. Terrible customer service! I have sent in another email this one is request (#1912141).
I am starting to get angry. Seems to be the only way to get a response.

kooky panda
12-02-15, 03:08 PM
I will see if someone can check your ticket. There was limited staff on because of the Thanksgiving Holiday.