View Full Version : How long is Stormie's response delay

11-24-15, 03:59 AM
Ive been wondering this for a while. I notice when I send a request to Stormie it often takes a little while to get back, even if force closing. For example, I had 5/6 for the sheep so sent the last to Stormie and its been about 10 minutes and still waiting. I should have actually timed it and then get an official answer but sometimes Stormie seems to be faster so I never know.

Is there an actual wait period that anyone knows of? I think this would be good information to have when planning timed events so that people dont think they can get stormie with 2 minutes to spare so this should be posted somewhere unless it already is and I just have not come across it :)

11-28-15, 01:03 AM
I find Stormie's response always takes at least a couple of hours, so personally I would never rely on it to finish something quickly.

kooky panda
11-28-15, 01:28 PM
There is no set time frame of when stormie will accept your request.


You can also request Stormie to send you a Part and he will do his best to send it as soon as he can (this doesn't happen immediately). But remember, he can't send you a Part if you already reached the daily maximum of gifts.