View Full Version : Candy Cane Maker

11-22-15, 11:02 PM
Have been surfing around and can't find any new information about the candy cane maker most of us bought a year or so ago only to find there are no candy canes to be made - only the cake.
I bought 6 of those ovens for the sole purpose of having the candy canes in my bakery for the Christmas season.
Am I missing something? I have tried opening the stove in my Christmas edition in hopes it would show more than one recipe but still no candy cane recipe.
Have you taken it off the list for good or will be getting the option for the candy canes back for December?
Confused and a little frustrated that I have these ovens and can not make the one recipe I bought them for.
An update, suggestion or solution to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

01-29-16, 09:31 PM
Fun fact: the candy cane recipe you are talking about was released with the Valentine's Day sale and is available for a limited time.