View Full Version : playing 2 games on one device while playing another game on multiple devices

11-22-15, 01:12 PM
Ok, I know a vet like me should know all this but I am technologically deficient lol and as the title says it, there is a bit of confusion in what I am looking to do.

Was wondering if someone could walk me through this. Here is where I am right now. I currently play my CS on two devices, my iphone and ipad. My sister also plays but does not get as much time as me. I would like to help babysit her game on one of my devices while she is at work. I mostly play on my iphone so figured I would try to put her game on my ipad (she currently plays on her iphone)

But If I do this, first I want to make sure I dont mess my game up, and second, and I want to know if If have the option to put my game back on the ipad from time to time.

Sorry if this is not so clear, hope someone can help, thanks!

11-22-15, 01:53 PM
found a great answer from meme on an old post, where it involves going to one of the old games and clicking s8 icon and changing account, thanks so much, wish I found it before making this post, feel free to delete it if you feel it is an unnecessary duplicate

kooky panda
11-22-15, 02:22 PM

As long as you have a storm ID and password set up for both accounts, you can login on and off between the two accounts.:)