View Full Version : Investigating Frozen Frenzy is well, frozen- Version Update Nov 18

11-19-15, 01:32 PM
I can't get it to work. Anyone else having this problem? I've restarted the phone and everything...

[S8] Elsa
11-19-15, 01:46 PM
Checking it out. Can you share more details about the problem you're experiencing?

11-19-15, 02:52 PM
Every time I click on the app it throws me out.

11-19-15, 07:01 PM
I'm here with the same problem. It won't load!

11-19-15, 07:12 PM
Is anyone going to address the 11/18/15 update that has ruined any and all game play? App crashes and won't open! A lot of 1 star ratings for the app because of this issue.

11-19-15, 07:27 PM
It would be nice for Storm8 to at least acknowledge the issue! Instead they are ignoring everyone on this forum, Facebook, in the reviews, etc. I don't mind waiting for it to be fixed if they would just let us know they are working on it and give us updates on the progress they make. But ignoring the problem has me ready to stop playing all of their games!:mad:

11-19-15, 08:01 PM
I'm also having this problem. I try to open and then it just closes before I can open.

[S8] Regina
11-19-15, 09:01 PM
The recent update in the App Store is causing some players to crash. This is already being worked on, please look forward to an update from the App Store soon. Thank you for your patience.

11-20-15, 07:24 AM
no levels passed 85 will load but im on 100something and it wont load :(

11-20-15, 08:36 AM
if you're on android, try and force closing the app and clearing the cache?

11-20-15, 08:41 AM
It won't load for me either ever since I updated it. I have mine on my Ipad

11-20-15, 09:59 AM
Yes same for me! My game won't even open. I thought it was my device so I turned it on and off. Still nothing. All my other S8 games open.

[S8] Elsa
11-23-15, 11:49 AM
We apologize for the inconvenience. We've squished a bug that may have prevented some players from playing. Please update your game if you're experiencing this issue to update to the fixed version. :)

11-24-15, 09:04 PM
it keeps the image of the jewels already cleared so you end up with a stack of them on each tile. I tried moving to a different level but the stock moves too 26330so I end up with 6 26330or more jewels 26330on one tile. Not sure the image will work but have tried to add.26330

12-10-15, 10:41 AM
what type of phone do you have? Apple version= with ios version? Android and platform version? also have you tried to empty out the internet cache? I know that does help! I am an internet GEEK :)

08-25-16, 02:42 AM
My game would not allow me tap on the button so that I could play after the new update. I deleted it and reinstalled, but it took me back to level one. I guess I should just delete it again and not bother with it.

08-29-16, 02:42 PM
Cannot press on button to play since the snowflakes came, deleted game and reinstalled worked for one day only.