View Full Version : Kerching even with sounds off

11-18-15, 09:06 AM
I've noticed that I get a kerching money noise every time I start the game, even if I have all sound and music turned off in settings.
The only way I can get rid of this is by turning down my volume completely on my device.
None of the other storm 8 games I play have this issue, can we have this muted in the settings please?


kooky panda
11-18-15, 10:24 AM
I will pass this over.

11-18-15, 12:09 PM
god i despise this. honestly, it's got me closer to deleting the game than the myriad other issues...

11-20-15, 09:40 AM
I have the same issue. I had hoped the latest update would correct this, but it didn't. It's ridiculous that even though I have disabled all sounds effects and music in the game, it still blasts a stupid cash register noise when I start the game. Storm 8, when sounds are turned off for a game, they should ALL be turned off.

11-26-15, 05:08 PM
S8: can you please turn off the cash register sound that plays every time the game first loads? I have all sound and music turned off, but that sound still plays every time I open the game. There are times I play in public and would prefer to not have to silence my phone before opening the app.