View Full Version : XP level 'stuck' at 73??

11-13-15, 08:31 PM
Hi S8,

I have been 'stuck' on level 73 for a few days now. When I finish playing a stage, my xp level starts at about a quarter full of level 72, then tries to level up with my new points, suddenly gets to 73 (without actually filling level 72) then just sits at 73. It does this every time I play a level, whether I win or lose.

I'm fine with the 'maxed' xp thing it's been doing, but this isn't the same. It's some sort of glitch.


11-13-15, 10:15 PM
I'm having the exact same problem. Also at level 73.

11-14-15, 04:47 AM
I have to add now that I seem to be progressing through 72, so rather than be a quarter through, I'm half through 72, but it's still trying to load 73 at the end of the xp progress. Glitchy.

11-16-15, 01:09 AM
This issue has now gone. Either because S8 fixed it, or because I actually got to level 73.