View Full Version : Strange happenings

11-11-15, 04:26 PM
Just went on to my game and it took a few minutes to realize something wasn't right. My floors changed all by themselves. My outer tiles were a dark gray and the inside area was alternating 4 squares of the pink and the default tiles. Now all my outer tiles are the pink tiles.

Also yesterday my pantry was at 60 then all last night my game kept spazzing and acting weird. When I opened it this morning, it kept closing, freezing, syncing then when it started my pantry was full. A little later I realized I was back to 50.

Going in now to fix the tile issue. Hopefully they'll stay the way I arrange them

11-11-15, 04:53 PM
I noticed that the first time I re-entered the game after applying new floor tiles, a bunch of them had reverted to the old style. Very strange indeed. I just hope I wasn't charged for them twice, as I had to re-purchase them.

When your pantry shrunk, did you at least get back the parts & thank-you notes you had used to expand it? (I hope so)

11-11-15, 05:07 PM
Sorry to hear that! You may have experienced a sync error which may be the reason why your game progress reverted. If this happens again, please write into support@storm8.com. One of our agents will be able to assist you.