View Full Version : Need other ways to earn runes

11-10-15, 01:07 PM
As a fairly recent player, but also a level 45, the most frustrating part of the game is the slow process to expand( aside from getting a dozen duplicate commons in a row). It seems like all I do now is breed to get commons to get bombs to try to earn runes. I wish we could also get runes from neighbors and get runes for selling animals, for example 1 rune for a common, 2 runes for a rare, and 3 runes for super rares. Once in a while we earn runes from various events and that is appreciated, but it's not enough. Storm8 you are losing money because I sometimes can't buy a habitat I want because I don't have any free space.

11-22-15, 07:12 PM
Or at least make it easier to find the runes.