View Full Version : NO Gold Sale for some accounts

11-09-15, 01:36 PM
3 of my accounts never get gold sales (except the 40% off ones). The 3 accounts (penqueen8, penqueen9, and penqueen16) have not gotten a sale since the spring 40% sale. I have been looking diligently for 3 months now. I understand it is supposed to be random but could this be a program problem. All my other accounts get sales regularly.

Can this be fixed or are they that unlucky?

Device Ipad Air 2
ios 9.1
accounts (storm8)

[S8] Elsa
11-09-15, 02:08 PM
Sorry to hear that you're not receiving the sales. Sales are randomly offered. You may receive them in the future, but please note that sales aren't guaranteed.

11-09-15, 11:07 PM
I have one of my accounts that gets sales weekly and one that never gets any. I've had both accounts for years. The only sale I can ever remember getting on the one is a special sale to all players like once a year. Can't remember what time of year that was. I feel like that can't possibly be right. Only getting one sale vs weekly sales doesn't seem very random. There has to be some issue.