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11-08-15, 06:34 AM
I've notice that when new games or updated versions of other games come out this game does not have any offers to earn gems. For example, Fantasy Forest Story came out on Android last week and in several other games I play, including Monopoly Bingo and Bingo, there was an option to earn gems by downloading and playing the game. I noticed that Clue Bingo had the advertisement for Fantasy Forest story but never a goal to download the game to earn gems. This also happened with the Frozen Frenzy game.

Is this an oversight in this game or is this intentional? My mother loves and plays the Bingo games and was disappointed to see she didn't earn gems in Clue.

11-09-15, 09:51 AM
I've had that happen to me as well. By my reckoning, I'm owed 75 gems from Fantasy Forest Story, 45 gems from Bakery Story 2, and either 45 or 60 gems from Frozen Frenzy Mania.

11-09-15, 05:20 PM
Please write to support@storm8.com so a support agent can look into this for you, thanks.

11-11-15, 03:30 PM
Done. Thanks for the advice.