View Full Version : Missing Food on iOS

11-06-15, 03:37 PM
This has already happened to me twice. A few days ago, I baked a lot of Strawberry Tiramisu, and got the number of servings to around 5,000 only to have it "missing" when I open the game after a few hours. I don't think it's possible that it sold out because I've made so many other recipes. Same thing happened just a few minutes ago, I brewed a lot of Honey Lemon Tea and got the servings to more than 6,000 only to have it "missing" again. This happens when the game freezes and refreshes itself. There was an update 2 days ago, says it contains "bug fixes". The only thing that update fixed was the issue about NPCs being stuck at the cash register. Seriously, this bug needs to be fixed. If nothing is done about it, and my baked goods which I have made to have number of servings of 5,000 go missing again, I might be forced to just stop playing and uninstall this game.

11-09-15, 11:50 AM
Do you remember if your immediately exited the game after serving your dishes on their counters?

11-09-15, 09:49 PM
No, I do not immediately exit the game after serving the dishes. This glitch happens when I open the game after leaving it for a couple of hours. I open the game from my tablet's notification screen, and when I try to play the game, it freezes, refreshes, and a dish becomes missing, even though it was there when I initially opened the game, and I'm pretty sure it didn't get sold out because it had a serving of around 6,000.

11-20-15, 02:57 PM
Same happens to me. Twice now I've left food cooking ready to be selected and put on counters when I return to playing and when I open the game everything has gone from the ovens/stoves etc and I've got nothing to serve! Plus which daft designer put the speed up with gems right under each item! I've lost so many when the game lags and I don't think it's added an item into storage and tap again only for my gems to be used! Mind you should be used to gem traps with S8 by now!